Our Services


meat-bins-500x334We will pick-up, or arrange for pick-up in bulk, of any expired, returned, or recalled material for de-packaging and processing at our facility. Meat products our facility can de-package and process include: bulk meats in combos, cartons, frozen blocks, plastic, Styrofoam and cello packaged. We also handle dry, bakery goods, such as various flours, oats, cereals, breads, boxed or plastic contained cookie, crackers, pastas, etc. Dairy products in bulk or foils, plastics, containers large and small, jars, de-packaged at our facility include: butter, cheese, yoghurt, eggs, etc.  S.F. Rendering Ltd.’s receiving of material to be sorted, de-packaged, and sent for further processing.SF Rendering Front-2200x804